Learning a musical instrument is a always a challenge. It takes many years and hours upon hours of practice and dedication to learn to play well. A good music instructor can dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to become proficient. Selecting the right teacher is one of the most important decisions you can make, even more important than the kind of guitar or amp you buy.


A teacher that is knowledgeable and whom you have a good rapport with will make your learning experience much more enjoyable and productive.


I teach students of all ages and skill levels and tailor the lessons to meet the individual needs and desires of each student. These private lessons foster growth faster and more efficiently than group lessons or lessons geared towards one method only. With group lessons you will only learn as fast as the slowest student in the class. One method type lessons are not flexible enough for the vast genres of music today.

Lessons are provided for Electric, Acoustic, Classical, and Bass guitars. I enjoy playing and teaching all styles of music. Please feel free to tell me kind of music you are interested in and we will work together with that goal in mind.


Lessons are held at the Edmond Music Studio located behind the Edmond Music store at 3400 S. Broadway.

Drive directly behind the music store and you will see the studio with a sign that reads "Edmond Music Studio".

Pricing and Policies:


* The cost for lessons is $120.00 dollars per month for half hour lessons or $220.00 a month for hourly lessons.

* Payment is due the first week of the month and this will reserve your time slot each week at our scheduled time.

* Lessons are charged as a monthly fee and payment is always the same regardless of the number of weeks in each   month or how many lessons attended by the student.

* Make up lessons are considered if I am notified within 24 hours of the missed lesson but are subject to availability   within the schedule.

* If lessons happen to start in the middle of the month then the first month will be prorated.

* If I have to miss a lesson for some reason then a make up lesson will be offered at your convenience.


Currently I teach Monday through Saturday. Please call 405-226-9661 or e-mail dyronbatey@yahoo.com if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to get started!

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