I teach guitar and bass lessons in Edmond, OK and if you have always wanted to learn how to play guitar, then you've come to the right place! My primary goal is to enable my students to become musicians by helping each student in improvising, song-writing, and performing by building their self-confidence through proven methods.

Some music schools use a group setting to teach guitar lessons. I believe that students have the best possibility of achieving their full potential in weekly private lessons where they receive full attention from the instructor. Students are able to progress at a pace which is more comfortable for them and that addresses their unique strengths. Each lesson is balanced with a review of previously taught material and the challenge of developing new skills. I strive to help all students set and achieve specific goals with their guitar playing.

Whether you are interested in blues, rock, or classical music, my goal is to help you understand some basic music fundamentals so that you can pursue any style you wish.


Please give me the opportunity to provide you with professional services. I am looking forward to helping you with all your musical needs.


Dyron Batey